A Phased Approach to Regathering

With the reopening of our East Campus in Montclair and our West Campus in Rockaway fast approaching, we want to ensure that you have a clear understanding of the thoughtful and detailed measures and processes we’re putting in place before we reopen our facilities. Please take a look at our phased approach to reopening below. We pray we are able to Welcome You Home soon!

Good decisions are usually reached if they cohere to the organization’s guiding values—principles that anchor us to our mission, vision, and beliefs. To reopen our facilities in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, our actions and timing will be anchored by Our Guiding Values.

Our Guiding Values

We value a healthy and safe congregation. The congregation must be safe and feel safe when we gather corporately for worship and the word. This is critically important to us.

We value creating transformative ministry experiences based on our CORE COMPETENCIES. When we decide to reopen our doors, it’s because we can deliver the powerful Christ Church experience you and your whole family have come to expect.

We value innovative ministry to all generations. We will be intentional about continuing to minister to the entire family.

We value serving the community. We are committed to impacting the areas we serve by meeting people’s felt needs.

Reopening in Phases

Reopening our facilities will occur over three phases. This is due to the State’s shifting restrictions regarding Houses of Worship and our organization’s approach to safe and effective ministry practices during a global pandemic.

Additional Reopening Resources

Virtual Town Hall with Dr. David Ireland

Reopening Survey

We would love to hear your feedback as it pertains to our reopening. Please take a few minutes to fill out a brief survey by clicking on the button below. Thank you!